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About Us

N.T.C Dream Limited. provides not only designing & manufacturing, but following services including original collection.

  • Commissioned Manufacturing / Freelance, Design Manufacturing:
    (for jewelry shops, jewelry companies, jewelry brands etc.)
    - We can provide designs, suitable for your styles & business. We will talk about your budget, image, target and provide sketches.
    - We can also manufacture the design to finished products depending on the clients demands.
  • Naoko TsurutaOne of a kind jewelry:
    We will design, and manufacture one and only jewelry. We can also repair or reform old jewelry into a brand new style. Click here for samples.
  • Shop owner;
    who are looking for already made collections to add in your shop, we offer following products, Please click the logos below.

We hope to serve each customer's request. Please feel free to contact us. info@ntcdesign.com or (852)2521-6522.

Workshop Natural Charisma Narcissist Naoko Tsuruta