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Full of things, a lot of choices in this world, people tend to go for famous brand name. However, accessories are one of the essential ways to express your originality and fashion sense. As a jewelery designer, I started N.T.C. Workshop, with the thought of making a place where everybody can enjoy their creativity and wearing their original hand-made accessories. Why don't you make your one and only orginal accessory in the world? It must be more special than any expensive accessories you get from the shop.

Only one in the world...

Full of your originality; accessories, of which design and size fit you perfectly.
Present from the heart...

Making best use of hand-made piece, why don't you send accessories with engraved message to your friends or someone special?
Pair Accessories...

Share the matching accessories with your special person. It would be a great gift for the anniversary!


N.T.C Workshop

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